Synthetic Single Crystal Dies

Single crystal diamond dies for durable, smooth drawing and perfect wire surface. Always used for fine wire and ultrafine wire of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Natural Diamond Dies

Yongyi drawing dies only use the diamonds without crack or impurity to ensure die quality. The nature diamond dies are perfect for draiwng fine surface wire of stainless steel, cooper, aluminum with the highest of drawing speed.

Polycrystalline Diamond Dies

PCD(Polycrystalline Diamond)is synthetic diamond product. PCD can be easily processed to dies with wider range of diameter, long life time. It’s your economical choice of wire drawing solution.

Bunching/Stranding Dies

Widely open well-blended die entrance, with no gap or sharp edge. Yongyi’s bunching/stranding/compacting dies are your ideal choice for producing stranded wire, cable with best combination of economy, wear resistance and wire surface quality.

Extrusion tips/dies

Extrusion tips&dies of high concentricity and roundness. Yongyi drawing dies provides you the long life tooling for insulating layer processing to save your insulation material and get perfect conductive wire and cable.

Elongation Sets

Yongyi’s elongation sets of die minimize deviation in diameter, then we sorted the finished dies to individual sets by tolerance. With the elongation sets, you can achieve the maximum speed of the machine and reduced diamond wear.

Die Room Tools

Recut, repolish your used dies in your own die room, you can save wire drawing cost and gain flexibility. So we have prepared a complete set of processing equipments for you.

Typical Tolerance
Diameter(in mm)Diameter(in inch)Tolerance(mm)Roundness(mm)
below 0.05below 0.001970.00050.0003
over 1.0over 0.039370.0050.003
Typical Geometry
Soft metalHard Metal

Wire Drawing Die geometry example

The typical specifications are for default condition, it’s available of customizing according to your own request.